Juan Jose LopezRestaurant Consultant

With over 14 years of progressive experience in retail and commercial Food Service organizations a Bachelors of Business Administration degree, certifications in HACCP and member of CAFP (Canadian Association of Food service Professionals) additional professional development in, Operations Improvements, Concept Development, Inventory Management, Marketing, Event Planning, Team Leadership and an excellent record of adding value and exceeding expectations to all the projects that I have been involved.

Recently established a Bar and Restaurant consulting firm “Efficientality” that is focused in maximizing profits by bringing an efficient hospitality philosophy to the operations. Our expertise is based in solving business challenges, connecting brand with menu, menu engineering, food cost control programs, guest experience, operations efficiency, customer service, training, marketing and more.

Since my family and I arrived in Canada in 2010 we know the feeling of not knowing what to do even though you have a plan before your arrival being emigrant in Canada is hard and it can be harder if you don’t have good guidance, we have been helping others since we landed and we have received help as well but not everybody is that fortunate that’s why being part of this non-profit organization with the mission of unite and support all Dominicans in Canada, Newcomers and Dominicans who want to come to Canada just make sense to helped them in an organized way.

Hospitality means Serve and I've been serving others in this industry my entire professional live so for me it’s an honor to be part of this group of Dominicans that can make a difference in other families and impact positively in their future here in Canada. Also it’s extremely important for our children to not forget their roots, language, our traditions, food and were they come from.

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Board of Directors of Dominican Profressionals in Canada