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Uniting all 

Dominicans in Canada

Joyce is a Canadian citizen of Dominican parents who lived in Canada for more than 30 years., Joyce was fortunate to live her life both in Canada and the Dominican Republic, and Jose is from the Dominican Republic, who is currently living in Canada.


Together we have developed Dominicanos Profesionales en Canada, with the mission to unite and support all Dominicans who are already living in Canada, Newcomers, and Dominicans who are interested in coming to Canada.

As an organization that is built for the Dominican community, we would like to see every family grow, feel confident enough to consult on any topic to help them make the right decisions; we want our children to understand and be part of the Dominican culture and heritage and most importantly to be the best example for the future generation in Canada, giving them the vision and motivation to find their passion as we have, hopefully continuing this inspiring project for future generations.


As a minority in Canada, we believe the power of unity is priceless, and having the ability to centralize our community into one place would allow us to be heard and have a voice in Canada in the representation of all Dominicans.

We have great initiatives and as our community grows, we are positive that together we can accomplish anything.

Stay connected,

Joyce and Jose


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